Using origami to talk about bird flu



Date: 29 May 2007

Source: UNICEF Ukraine

Themes/topics: prevention, protecton, school children, origami, birds

Ani Lorak joins UNICEF in campaign to protect children from avian influenza. Seven of the nine avian influenza deaths in the region have been children, so getting the right message to families about the disease is critical. Now Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak is joining UNICEF in the campaign to safeguard children from bird flu. She is featured in a new video clip in which she tells children what avian influenza is and how to protect themselves from it.

The new video clip, featuring Ani Lorak and school children, has been produced as a part of the information campaign being implemented by UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund). A presentation was made to journalists on 29 May 2007 during which the clip was shown and children handed them origami birds.  The clip will be broadcast on leading national and regional TV channels in Ukraine from 1 June 2007.

Using origami to talk about bird flu (jpg)